Almost makes me want to be 16 again. Have said it too many times but they keep getting cuter. So. F-cking. Cute.

Selena Gomez and Taylor Lautner on a sunny Sunday in Vancouver out for sushi and all smiles and affectionate and flirty and are these two gorgeous together or what? It’s like a walking advertisement for beautiful skin. His is flawless, hers is equally so. Ridiculous.

And it looks like Taylor’s family is embracing Selena wholeheartedly. She went shopping with his younger sister this weekend too – very sweet “big sister” moments, non?

Love Selena Gomez. Does she sing too? Miley who? Why isn’t she more famous than that JailBait twat?

Sorry, I digress.

Taylor continues to shoot New Moon this week with Kristen Stewart. It’s a holiday on Monday so everyone has the day off til Tuesday and right now, at press time, it’s 9:30am in Cannes Monday morning, 12:30am Sunday night in Vancouver, the New Moon wrap party is happening. Am told Kristen was just seen smoking a joint on the patio. BC bud is prime.

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