It was announced yesterday that Selena Gomez will guest on The Voice as an advisor on Gwen Stefani’s team when the new season starts next month. Makes sense. Her album, Revival, comes out October 9. Rihanna has also been confirmed as an advisor without allegiances. This is why people think R8 will finally be out in the fall too.

As for Selena…

Have we talked yet about Good For You? I posted the video a while back – click here for a refresher – but, specifically, have we talked about the pronunciation?

It’s not “good” for you. It’s almost like “goyed” for you. Or “gerrrd” for you. Right?

Like the super sex next gen way to make the word sound even sexier?

I can see how that works for someone in their 20s. But can you get away with pronouncing that way when you’re way older?

Listen. Then try it. I’ve tried it in the privacy of my shower and I sound like a f-cking asshole.