Selena Gomez is in Paris for Fashion Week, specifically to support Nicolas Ghesquiere at Louis Vuitton. We’ll come back to that in a minute.

Let’s talk about how she got stuck in an elevator. There’s video of it. And apparently she’s the one who posted it.

The idea of being stuck in an elevator is terrifying. TERRIFYING. If that happened to me? I would not have the presence of mind to not talk in order to conserve oxygen. Because I would be too busy screaming WHYYYY MEEEEE. Also, I would not be pulling out my phone to document the moment, WTF?!?

Perhaps this is an advantage that millennials have over my generation. That the focus on Instagramming every moment makes them a lot more chill in emergency situations. Like instead of freaking the f-ck out, their priority is to share in the crisis on social media, which, I suppose, is more helpful than having a total meltdown?

Anyway, as previously mentioned, Selena’s in town for Fashion Week. And she looked really, really good at Louis Vuitton today. It’s a simple outfit. But that doesn’t mean the blouse doesn’t have beautifully constructed shoulders. And the skirt is there for the shoes.

Actually, we’re all there for the shoes. The entire shoe game in this collection is making me feel blessed to be alive.