The Weeknd is currently touring the UK. Selena Gomez is back in LA. Was with friends for yoga yesterday. And, you know the way things work these days, if two celebrities aren’t up in each other’s faces, and aren’t papped together at least every week, it means they broke up. Only that’s actually not how it works, ask Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes. That might not be a good comparison though because Ryan and Eva are, generationally you could say, not Selena and Abel. Ryan and Eva would rather you think they’re not together than to have you know that they’re expecting babies – TWICE!

Selena and Abel, on the other hand, are aware of how we read social media clues now. Especially Selena. And how social media can be used to make a point, or confirm the status quo.

So here’s Selena in a red hoodie on Instagram the other day…


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And here’s The Weeknd leaving a comment on that post… (click on the image below to expand)

Which means she’s wearing her boyfriend’s hoodie. Which is such a girlfriend thing to do. So she’s still his girlfriend. Clear?