Ass shorts: always the answer

Lainey Posted by Lainey at August 1, 2014 15:51:54 August 1, 2014 15:51:54

Famous people are f-cked up in a way we’ll never understand or relate to. There are exceptions though. Imagine you’re in an on-off toxic situation with a young pop star. You grew up in the business yourself. You had to support your family. Your value system is warped by Hollywood and, ostensibly, social media. Your friends come and go…

And now that boy is getting inside supermodels, girls in Victoria’s Secret, widely touted to have the most perfect bodies in the world.

He’s on holiday, picking fights with husbands, you can’t help but trip on his dick, it’s so big, and he’s higher than he’s ever been on himself, and posting pictures like this on Instagram:

That’s Justin Bieber with Shanina Shaik. She’s 23 years old. She’s gorgeous. A model, of course. And he says they’re not dating…but…

That doesn’t mean they’re not f-cking. That doesn’t mean you haven’t been replaced. And what would that do to the one who used to be there? How would she respond?

Ass shorts. It’s always the answer.


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