I loved this sketch on Saturday Night Live with Emma Stone. Which, really, has nothing to do with Justin Bieber except that he’s actually in Paris with Selena Gomez and how many 17 year old boys get to take their girlfriends to Paris? And what are the long-term effects of this kind of a reality?

Next profound question:

What is she wearing?

Because....on her I kind of love it but it’s also a little extra for a trip to eat some lunch, you know what I mean? And how do people wear skirts this short and sit down? When they’re in the back of his SUV, how far does it ride up? I’m not being pervy, I’m actually curious on a practical level. That would be my fixation getting dressed in the morning: how do I sit in a car with a boy and not have half my ass hanging out? Selena doesn’t seem to be worried about this.

Les Jeunes de Paris - SNL Oct. 23rd, 2010 from Duane Baxter on Vimeo.