I have a friend, H, and she has an expression. It’s the best. She dropped it on me once when we were at a work meeting years ago, before I started blogging full-time. One of our colleagues, P, was upset about some negative feedback. She sulked for the rest of the session, then at the very end, when everyone was getting up to leave, she let the tears fall down her face and ran to the bathroom. Our manager had to make a big ass deal out of placating her.

H told the story to a few others later on. The way she described it:

“P came down with the drama. And the whole meeting got f-cked.”

Coming down with the drama is like coming down with the flu, or a cold. And there’s always someone who comes down with the drama at a wedding or on New Year’s Eve.

You’re having a good time, you’re dancing, you’re eating, you’re laughing. Then you have to go in the corner with that person for a f-cking hour to help them through their situation. The worst.

And apparently that’s Selena Gomez.

According to US Weekly, Selena came down with the drama at Taylor Swift’s birthday party. Apparently she was on the upper terrace, surrounded by Taylor’s celebrity guest list that included JayZ, Sam Smith, Justin Timberlake, and Beyonce. At some point, Selena started shouting:

“No one understands me! My boyfriend doesn't even understand me!"

The US source says that everyone around her, like Sam Smith, “just stared”. There is no reaction report on Beyonce. But this is a woman who remained impassive in an elevator while her sister wailed on her husband. I don’t think Beyonce would be impressed. Like, you never want to be the one to come down with the drama but especially not with that kind of audience when you’re part of that world.

God that’s embarrassing. And, even worse, now he knows about it. And every girl he dates from now on will know about it. That’s another problem with the child stars. They don’t know that you can’t just come down with the drama wherever and whenever you want. Life skills. Where are these people getting their life skills?