September 1, 2015 – Smutty Shout-Outs

Lainey Posted by Lainey at September 1, 2015 14:01:19 September 1, 2015 14:01:19

"Happiest of birthdays to our resident makeup artist/petsitter/daycare provider/etc, etc, Angelica! We know you're probably cleaning your apartment like a…well, like you…in preparation for the arrival of the best birthday gift ever, two visiting Austrians (remember, there's no gift receipt, you're stuck with them). We hope you take a teeny break to get your free drink from Starbucks and gift from Sephora so that you can read this message.

We also hope you will take some time to treat yo self to something else extra, because not only did you survive your rock star year, (and manage to honour 12 year old Angelica by meeting the Fresh Prince himself), but you're also on the precipice of something huge. You've spent this last year sorting through your life, removing the detritus and using your considerable strength to reshape what was left, what was wonderful, into what you want out of life. And every single one of us is so excited with where you're going.

So celebrate today with the Austrians (might not be so bad - they didn't kidnap John Waters, but they do know how to get to Leakin Park!) cut your bangs if you want to, and on Saturday we'll usher in your new year as a group.

To help ring in your new year, here is the decidedly UN-pocket-sized version of your Thor, Cary F with an interesting hair decision, ATJ, your new love Nathan from Orange is the New Black, and A$AP Rocky, who seems to have misplaced his shirt."

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