It’s been a year since Serial. Duana got me into it. She kept yelling at me to get into it and finally, after my laser eye surgery, when I couldn’t open my eyes, I listened to the first two episodes and had to tell her she was right again. There’s going to be a new season of Serial. They’ve not announced a date yet but we do know what the story is – click here for more information.

We will also be watching Serial on TV. Vulture reported yesterday that the This American Life team is partnering with FOX to create a show about the podcast. Not a show about the case. But a show about how the Serial team covered the case. So, basically, a show about the Serial team. A show about journalism.

You into it? I’m into it. I’m always into anything that feels “inside baseball”. I want to see the arguments over the research, over the interpretations of the research, I want to see them agonising over the writing, panicking about deadlines. Those deadlines were crazy. They were down to the wire every week, it seemed, during the second half. I love that kind of drama.

Next: casting.

Who is Sarah Koenig?

My only choice right now is Alia Shawkat. Any thoughts? Let me know. I want to put it in the open tomorrow.