It was an Evening with Saturday Night Live last night in New York. Cast members and Lorne Michaels spoke at the event presented by The Academy of Television Arts & Sciences. I think I’ve already mentioned a few times, many times, my crush on Seth Meyers. He looked extra adorable. Like a cute waiter. And Andy Samberg too. We were over at Fiona and Kiu’s a few weeks ago watching and Kiu said to us – Samberg? For real? The response was a resounding yes. Also Bill Hader. Been growing on me the last 2 seasons. Anyone but Will Forte.

Back to I discovered during the Olympics, he has a girlfriend. I think he took her to SXSW too for MacGruber. Photo is attached. Seems really into her. I try not to remember this too often.

Because it’s not only his bouncy dance on Weekend Update and how he can’t ever stop giggling...have you ever seen Seth play poker? SEX.

Seth is the kind of boy who doesn’t put his cool out on the table too early. He reveals it to you gradually. Like the way he leans back in his chair. And how the black shirt fits him perfectly. And all of sudden you realise – dude, you have a great hair. That’s Seth Meyers.

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