SNL’s Seth Meyers and Jason Sudeikis were courtside at the Knicks game last night. I like it that they spend time together outside of work. I don’t know, celebrity friends just make me happy, although I do wonder how tight they are. Because I’ve heard loose reports that Jason can be kinda dicky. Nothing super serious, but not exactly the sweetest guy out there, and not helped by his recent January Jones cock expansion. Is that still happening? I have no idea. January Jones is an afterthought for me. A boring one. Having said that however, let’s photo assumption these photos – is it a double date?

The girl with Seth in the biker boots looks like the one he brought to Vancouver for the Olympics – click here for a refresher. So they’re still together then. The other one, to me it seems like her sister. And Jason’s just riding along to round out an even number?

Or is a set up?

I’m thinking platonic. You?

Photos from Anthony J. Causi/