Seth Meyers got married, which is not news, BUT now the pictures are out, along with a VOGUE write up, so we’ve got a few things to discuss about the ascending late-night powerhouse and his big day.

The first thing to talk about is obviously the ceremony, which looks special if you’re into that whole Pinterest /rustic /Martha’s Vineyard /expensive /gorgeous /Olivia Munn is there vibe. It was pretty much perfect, which you can see for yourself in the pictures below.

As I mentioned, however, this celebrity wedding, albeit at a weirdly specific level of celebrity, was written up by VOGUE and if you read between the lines you’ll see some not so perfect details. Apparently before the ceremony, Seth’s bride, Alexi Ashe, got food poisoning…for two days. The article goes on to say that while in the hospital on the morning of the wedding, a nurse told her “you’re not getting married today” but then Alexi said “f*ck you” and got married anyway (the “f*ck you” part might not be verbatim). VOGUE goes on to explain that despite food poisoning “she walked down the aisle brave and beautiful.”

BRAVE??? I didn’t write the wiki for food poisoning or anything but I’ve had it a couple times (once at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter with Lainey!) and I’m pretty sure it doesn’t take two days to kick that thing. Furthermore, when I’ve finally peeled myself off the bathroom floor after a bout of food poisoning, I’ve never felt particularly “brave”. The point I’m trying to make is that this sounds like a case of major bridezilla-ing.

But you know what? Now that she’s married to Seth Meyers, and now that Seth Meyers is about to take over for Fallon, Alexi Ashe is in a position to get away with being a bridezilla, or a momzilla, or whatever kind of zilla she decides to become – because isn’t that what this wedding coverage and the aura of transformation surrounding Seth recently is all about? He’s got his own late-night show and, for reasons that escape me, we give an incredible amount of power to the men (why can’t it be a woman just once?) who host our late night talk shows.

Should we be excited about a world where Seth Meyers, and by proximity his wife, are given even more power? I can’t decide but VOGUE reports of barfing/sh*tting brides have me warming up to the idea.  

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