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Oh Canada. Oh Seth Rogen. It was quite a year. Knocked Up and Superbad have earned him Major Player status in Hollywood. And the best part is…he’s not “just” an actor. He writes too. Love that he writes too.

Capping off a career defining year, Seth appears in the new GQ alongside fellow Canadian Daria Werbowy in a Couple of Year feature, even though he’s chubby, not conventionally goodlooking, and rocks a Jewfro… see photos attached.

Of the photo shoot, Seth said: “I actually have more respect for models now,” he says, sounding shocked. “You always hear ‘Modeling’s not easy,’ and you think, What a stupid f-cking thing to say. But then you stand next to one, and they have to hold themselves in really uncomfortable positions. I just get to sit there looking like a schlub.”

As for why his films have found an instant audience, GQ posits that “Rogen’s ascent might signify a new era of men being men in, as Rogen puts it, an “almost gay way.” Remember the scene at the end of Superbad? With the sleeping bags? Seth claims the inspiration for that comes from Lethal Weapon:

“The Lethal Weapon movies always struck me as quintessential male love stories. The first one is practically structured as a romantic comedy: Two guys from different backgrounds get thrown together and have to learn to work it out. We just took the subtext and made it text.”

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