Sex & Headgear

Lainey Posted by Lainey at May 27, 2010 11:53:09 May 27, 2010 11:53:09

I am angry about Sex & the City 2 right now but what SJP is doing on the carpet tonight in London for the premiere is pretty f-cking amazing. If it’s anywhere you want to do this, it’s obviously in England. Definitely spectacular. So of course there are more photos of her than of the other girls. That’s the point when you wear something like this. I’m not even sure she can pose next to anyone else.

But Kim Cattrall looks terrific, non? And Kristin Davis too. Hate Cynthia’s extensions.

So yes, enjoy the fashion porn for a few minutes. Enjoy it now and try to enjoy it for 2 and a half hours when you go see Sex & the City 2 which will likely make ridiculous money this weekend despite some of the most dismal reviews of any movie this year, almost as venomous as The Bounty Hunter. Now you expect Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler to make a sh-tty movie. But SJP and company, they should know better.

Am also including photos of Mario Cantone. Another example of laziness on the part of the writers. Yes, let’s lump together the only 2 gays in the franchise and make them husband and husband. Because every SATC movie MUST feature a wedding. The MiniVan Majority loves weddings. Any weddings.

Finally Chris Noth. Am not a huge fan of Chris Noth, and I don’t care either way for Big but if it’s Big or Aidan, he’s the sh-t to Aidan’s diarrhoea. I pick Big. Aidan is repulsive to me. That hippy dippy cowboy groovy smoothy lumberjack, I find it revolting. I find HIM revolting. He’s the same character over and over again. In Serendipity, in Sex, as himself... when he came on the screen, I actually recoiled from disgust. This bitch walks around with his whiskey and guitar actually believing he’s the Ideal Man. Yes. For the Oprah audience.

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