Didn’t think it was possible to be any more UNenthusiastic about the upcoming Sex & The City movie but then the poster came out and look at this sh*t. Sh*ttest, weakest, lamest.



Brilliant because this one image captures perfectly, exactly what is wrong with the Sex & The City Movie. The poster, you see, is dated. It’s old. It’s done. It’s a relic from an era that has passed. An era that was super hit and “so cable” 7 years ago but that now belongs to the MiniVan Majority reading “Shopaholic” and having babies. The poster is f&cking cheese. But worst of all, this poster is not cool. And what’s worse, especially for a show that once defined cool, to not be cool? What’s more UNcool than exploitative nostalgia?

To the hopeful: absolutely, one poster does not damn an entire film. I too pray to Xenu for a miracle. And it WILL take a miracle.