Who else aside from Hugh?

Daniel Craig seemed to come in close second. Perhaps the difference was that Bond would not have actively campaigned for it, nor would he have been thrilled about it either. Hugh seems to handle the fame a lot more easily than Craig.

Jon Hamm’s inclusion puts him on track to take over from Clooney one day, if only more people would watch Mad Men. Then again, good television takes a backseat to Dancing with the sh-ts.

Remember when Miranda was f-cking Blair Underwood? Yeah…

Chuck’s hair > Nate’s hair. And he gets caught kissing Drew Barrymore…not boys.

But seriously…

LipGloss Zac Efron?


Does she even meet the definition of Man? Young girls these days are confusing sex partners with shopping partners. You take LipGloss to the mall. You try on clothes with her in the changeroom. But you don’t f-ck him there…hell no.

Also … they could have done better with the token Asian, non? Lang Lang performed in Beijing at the opening ceremony but let’s be honest… Lang Lang isn’t exactly lighting the flame between your legs. How ‘bout Aaron Yoo from Nick & Norah? He could pass for hipster and emo and to the untrained white eye, John Cho too.


Pacey comes back to tv and Pacey made the list!

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