Sexy can be bought and Retro Aniston

Lainey Posted by Lainey at December 12, 2011 17:06:13 December 12, 2011 17:06:13

It’s kinda how PEOPLE Magazine does it every year with the Sexiest Man Alive, negotiating with whoever needs the publicity the most, and now it appears Men’s Health is in on that situation too, naming Jennifer Aniston it’s Sexiest Woman OF ALL TIME.



Jennifer Aniston is sexy, definitely. She has an amazing body. Her hair is legendary. Her image is comfortable. Top 20?

I won’t fight you on Top 20.

But ... ALL TIME???

So you’re telling me in the history of sexy women, more men have gone to bed jerking off over Jennifer Aniston than ANYONE ELSE??? More men would name Jennifer Aniston than ANYONE ELSE???

Apparently Madonna was also on this list as #5.

Go outside and poll 10 men right now, see if Madonna makes their list. In fact, SUGGEST Madonna to their list, see how they react. And remember, this isn’t the Hate F-ckiest List of all time. Or the Let Me Boast That I F-cked Her List of all time. If Madonna shows up on those? No dispute there. But they’re calling it the SEXIEST WOMEN OF ALL TIME...

To who?

Alex Rodriguez?

Anyway, it seems like a good day for some retro Jen. She’s now the Sexiest Woman OF ALL TIME (as Angelina Jolie writes and directs movies about love in a time of genocide). But before she became the Sexiest Woman OF ALL TIME, she was just a girl trying to make it in comedy. On a show called The Edge. (Thanks Ritchie!)

I canNOT stop staring at her old nose.

Click here for more of Aniston, the Sexiest Woman OF ALL TIME, in Men’s Health.




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