Both Shailene Woodley and Chloe Moretz were at the NBR Awards last night. Shailene, once again, went easy on the makeup, chose a simple, appropriate dress, with pockets for comfort, not wafting a pungent trail of Famewhore wherever she went. She's lovely and I hope she stays that way.

And then we come to Chloe Moretz. Is it unkind to criticise a 14 year old? (She is still 14, right? I'm writing in a cab, can't check.) Well, I'm not criticising a 14 year old who spent her Tuesday night at home, doing 14 year old things.

Chloe Moretz goes out an awful lot in New York. She goes to the kind of parties where she's the only 14 year old, oftentimes the only teen year old. And it's not exactly a crowd of evangelists either. These are fashion and society and celebrity events. Where there is access to situations and substances that certainly aren't appropriate sometimes for a 40 year old, let alone a 14 year old.

Drew Barrymore first snorted cocaine when she was 13. Corey Haim around the same. Not beside a dumpster in Venice Beach, but at a fancy Hollywood party. Which is where we find Chloe Moretz. And often.

No, no. It doesn't happen to all of them. Not all of them are Lohans. But this girl...look at this girl. This girl is in such a hurry. This girl, she can't wait.  She's already 25.