Dauntless at Comic-Con.

It was a big day for Divergent at Comic-Con to kick off this year’s Dork Storm, as Sarah calls it. Look how many outfits Shailene Woodley had to wear. Woodley of course is the new would-be Kristen Stewart/Jennifer Lawrence, headlining the film adaptation of Veronica Roth’s book series. Roth was in San Diego too and participated on the panel. The goal was to present a crash course in Divergent, given that the utopian story about factions and civil wars may be too complicated to move into right away without having read the source material. They’re saying this will be the challenge when it comes time to market the movie.

For the rest of us though, we’re analysing and judging every detail. Or, we WILL be judging every detail once the Comic-Con footage becomes available online, if it ever does. Since shooting just wrapped earlier this week, the footage they showed was very rough. It included training scenes, the knife throwing incident, the ferris wheel part, and a very quick shot of Kate Winslet. Apart from hardcore fan reaction, which is always going to be subjective and not all that reliable, reaction seemed to be … reserved. Still too early to tell, although some have commented that the chemistry between Woodley’s Tris and Theo James’s Four is strong.

As for Woodley and how she handled her first major Tris appearance – quite well and with a lot of poise. Training under George Clooney probably helped. She talks about George’s influence in her interview with Emma Stone in INTERVIEW. Have you read it? She also fangirls Jennifer Lawrence. So it’s the same for celebrity and civilian. Jennifer Lawrence is still the one. Click here for more.