LOVE what Shailene Woodley wore at the Movie Awards last night. And then she went up on stage and goddamn I wish she didn’t.

It was the Breakthrough Award. She was the only person in her category who attended the event. So...

Her people don’t explain how this sh-t works?


Let’s not front like this is the Oscars, ok? We all know. They all know. Or ... is it possible that Shailene Woodley doesn’t know? If she doesn’t know, that might actually be worse; it would mean she’s an idiot. Like, she can be an eco-advocate AND not have to pretend she didn’t know she’d be winning an MTV Movie Award, can’t she?

Also, using the word profound, repeatedly, doesn’t make you profound. I’m sorry. Am I being unfair? Is it unfair to be so annoyed?