Have you seen The Descendants? I’m not as hard for The Descendants as everyone else. Clooney wasn’t believable to me.  And that voiceover was the worst. And why was it so obvious? From the father-in-law to the punk kid who turns out to be not so punk to his final decision at the end...

You know when you look around and you’re like, sh-t, I must be a dumb, artless bitch because I don’t see what everyone else is seeing...? That’s me and The Descendants. It didn’t suck, no, but I yawned a few times and now I can’t barely remember it. But for Shailene Woodley. You can’t take your eyes off of her. And I know you’re looking at these photos like, what’s the big deal but this girl, she’s so much better with no makeup on in the movie and her hair loose around her face than in still photographs. I won’t argue with you if you’re seeing these shots and thinking she’s rather ordinary. In two dimension her beauty is greatly diminished, I agree.

But when you watch her? She’s incredibly compelling. I think I’ve found my Jessica Darling. (Have you read the Jessica Darling series by Megan McCafferty yet? WHY NOT???)

Here’s Shailene at The Hollywood Reporter Women in Entertainment event yesterday. I like that she’s not wearing earrings. It keeps it her age. At the same time, she’s also not dressed like an infant. Very good styling so far in her first season. I think Woodley will get a nomination for Best Supporting Actress. Looking forward to watching how she navigates all these carpets.