An exclusive first look at the October issue of FASHION Magazine featuring the She Wolf herself Shakira.

LOVE Shaki. And the body. Is. Sick.

If I were Jennifer Lopez I wouldn’t want to be anywhere near Shaki. Wonder if this happened at the VMAs on Sunday. Sure, sure, I’m sure they’re civil. She Wolf is the video JLo wishes she made. Pure cheese sex.

I have tried to bend myself in the ways that Shaki manipulates her body in the cage. Am Asian and still I can’t do it.

Shaki tells FASHION that “the album is about the woman who knows what she wants, a woman who is in touch with her subconscious desires, and she fights for them with teeth and claws like a wild beast. I have always felt that I am not completely human, in a way. I’ve always felt this other animal inside me. This other animal that doesn’t make a lot of sense; it’s just primitive”.

What’s primitive is the designer who f-cked up and put both Shaki and Pink in the same dress at the VMAs.

Shakira’s October issue of FASHION hits newsstands next month.