Spanish gossips were all jizzy yesterday at a report out of Mexico about Gerard Pique cheating on Shakira - click here for a refresher. The news was all over Europe. And all over Twitter. And Shaki is all over Twitter. She immediately posted this message:

Suerte a la selecci├│n espa├▒ola esta semana y a mi n├║mero 3, muah! @3gerardpique . Shak

Hello Google Translate?

Good luck to the Spanish national team this week as my number 3, muah! @3gerardpique. Shak

Then she had her publicist release a statement. He called the rumours "completely false" and confirmed that "they are still together and very well". (Source)

Why am I so comforted by this?

It's less about relief than about perversion. I like living in a world where Shaki and Pique make out on a regular basis.