A Spanish newspaper is reporting that Shakira and her sunshine Gerard Pique are expecting. Apparently her dad confirmed it during an interview. Here’s the article. and since I haven’t yet started by Rosetta Stone Spanish, this gave me an excuse to hit up my favourite activity, Google Translate. Is it just me? Because it’s so funny how sh-t comes out:

Shakira's father has confirmed in an interview on 'The Other Vision' that her daughter is pregnant. The Colombian singer maintains a relationship with Gerard Pique, who plays for FC Barcelona and the Spanish National Team.

Shakira's father not only spoke of how proud you are of the career of his daughter but he also spoke of how happy she is with Pique and even referred to the possible pregnancy of the Colombian singer. Thus, when the journalist put the controversial question. William Mebarak said after a pause of several seconds and a smile that quickly faded: "We ... hope that the news is official soon."

At aprecer, according to the Mexican magazine TV Notas, the artist came to ask at a beauty salon hair dye if it could harm a pregnant woman.

Here’s Shaki in Poland the other day during the Spain/Ireland game and later with Pique leaving their hotel. Sometimes watching Shaki watch the game is even more entertaining than the game.

(Thanks Andrea!)