Love it. Two scores with one move. Amazing.

The new issue of Hello Canada features exclusive photos and details of Shania Twain’s romantic hook up with Frederic Thiebaud. Freddy is/was married to that woman with whom Shania’s husband had an affair. Apparently the two jilted spouses are now an item themselves. And they spent a few days togethr last week in Key West skydiving, wearing matching outfits, feeding each other at a restaurant, luxuriating at the spa, happily ensconced at a deluxe resort discovering each other behind closed doors.

As you can see, Euro Freddy here is much, much, MUCH easier on the eyes than that Mutt person she was married to. And of course sticking it to the backstabber who betrayed her doesn’t hurt either.

Well played Shania. Well played.

More in the new issue of Hello Canada available now.