A catfight is the best.smut.ever. Look... against my Lilo, it"s Freckles all the way. Against Brenda Walsh, I"ll take Brenda. But against some roughneck who partied her way to divorce... this time I"ll throw some love to Paree who was apparently socked in the mouth last night by none other than Shanna Moakler, soon-to-be ex wife of Travis Barker, one time beauty queen, all time drama queen. So Shanna apparently lost her sh-t at Hyde last night, attacking Paris with a "closed fist" to the point of restraint. Paris then filed charges, Shanna countercharged with claims of her own against Greek Stav, something about him pouring a drink over her head and shoving her down some stairs...and somewhere out there, that skinny rock geek Travis Barber has just discovered his penis has tripled in length. Nothing says man like two bitches fighting over your jock. And nothing says trash like a mother hittin" the club every night with fake nails, a desperate la la, while her babies gurgle away innocently at home, oblivious for now but not forever to the fact their mamma can"t wake up in the morning to play. Paris is a dumb skank ass but at least her dumb skank ass ain"t supporting her children, you know what I mean? Source