Remember the modified version of the 90210 theme song they would play when the show came back from the commercial break for the last block of an episode? It wasn't exciting like the opening but really slowed down? Sort of sad and yet comforting, to indicate that Brandon or Brenda has learned a lesson the hard way? That's what I hear when I look at these pictures of this week's 90210 reunion.

The West Bev meetup happened when Jennie Garth and Shannen Doherty flew out to celebrate the "end" of Ian Ziering's Vegas run with the Chippendales. I question of the reality of this so-called final performance because today, after the irresistible news of a 90210 get-together had been sent out via the stars' social media, Ian's time with the Chippendales has been extended another two weeks.

I also suspect that Ian's bosses flew the women out there to set up this media-friendly moment because Shannen tweeted more pics of the private plane they took than she did of Ian or herself. Obviously this is not the way she travels on her own dime, which adds to the sort of sweet, sort of melancholy feel of this whole event. The glory days are long gone, but everyone is ok. Time marches on, divorces from Peter Facinelli happen, books about being a "Badass" end up in the discount bin, but, oh, the memories! The memories of the mall tours, movie offers, nights at The Viper Room with Ashley Hamilton, they remain...and can be cashed in on for a VIP ride to Vegas.

The nostalgia of this event is further amplified by the fact that being in a Chippendales show is actually a very Steve Sanders thing to do. It's so not a Brenda or Kelly thing to do though. If this really was an episode of 90210, who would have been the girl getting grinded on by sweaty stripper muscle? Donna! It totally would have been Donna!