It’s easy to forget this feud, especially since Ebola Hilton has feuded with everyone but back in the day, she and Shannen Doherty scrapped it out over – ew! – Rick Salomon. Do you remember?

Shannen was married to Rick just before the sex tape with Ebola broke out. No one knows exactly the timeline when that sh*t went down but suffice to say, they overlapped in Rick’s bed and given Shannen’s mean streak and Ebola’s wickedness, the smut spilled over onto a red carpet, resulting in a supposed throw down at a party after Ebola allegedly kept crank calling Shannen, telling her that Rick didn’t want her anymore, and boasting that she’d bagged her man.

Word is Shannen punched Ebola in the face and defaced her car.

Both deny the incident. I on the other hand believe every word.

It’s 5 years later, it’s another red carpet, and it’s Vegas.

Saturday night at the opening of Lavo Restaurant and Nightcub at the Palazzo, both Ebola and Shannen attend, arriving miles apart, and kept that way by event handlers, although my sources say, that didn’t stop Ebola from hissing “What’s SHE doing here? I heard her show sucks” loudly enough to be overheard. She then took every occasion to tell anyone who would listen within earshot of Shannen about the new show she has in development with Ryan Seacrest.

I would have ripped off her skank weave and started a bonfire in her black hole vagina. Shannen however somehow managed to hold it together. Which is disappointing. The old Shannen we knew and loved would have nailed that f&cking bitch to a wall.

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