Written by Duana

A few months ago in this space I wrote about Shannen Doherty. How much I wanted to be her, and, after reading her ‘book’, how I kind of felt like, instead of my big sister, she was now kind of my little one, because she’s sort of stagnated, growth-wise. Click here for that article.

And now my little sister’s getting married! Check out the story.
Apparently Shannen will star in a reality show about planning her wedding to Kurt Iswarienko (I…don’t know). So now, I assume for thirteen weeks, we will see the minutae of Shannen looking at caterers and discussing whether or not they need top shelf booze.

(I mean, do you think Shannen Doherty has a wedding budget? This is wedding number…three? Why do you think she wants to do it again? What is it about actually making it legal that she’s addicted to?)

I don’t know a single thing about this guy. I don’t know what their relationship will be like or whether we’ll get any of the Doherty’s once-legendary now-seen-as-childhood-myth tantrums. But for some reason, the idiocy and whininess and deep, deep importance assigned to weddings is riveting viewing. Her producer says that he would watch her go to the supermarket, that she’s incredibly compelling. I mean, he has to say that. But also, he’s right. I couldn’t look away if I could have her back on my TV again every week. I would love to see her in her downtime. Also, amateur Doherty historian that I am, I want to finally see her family and dogs onscreen and see if she is as sweet and lovely as she swears she is to them.

However, I turned on the TV yesterday and found “sTORIbook weddings with Tori and Dean” and please help me, but it wasn’t that bad. It was kind of interesting to watch Tori Spelling on the planning end of things, not least because they stuck Tori Spelling with a girl who was far more princess than Tori herself. So now I wonder if the real fun is watching our fallen Beverly Hills princesses act like ‘normal’ people rather than celebrities. And I don’t care how “down to earth” Ms. Doherty says she can be, if she’s filling 13 episodes worth of TV, there’s got to be some drama there.

Real or Otherwise.

Um, this is one of those shows that Lainey and I, because of where we live, might not be able to find so easily as some of y’all less impeded by the 49th parallel. So if you want to send us some links? Nobody’s complaining…

Attached – Shannen with some dude who may be the fiancé but we’re not sure at a Golden Globes party in January.

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