On pure over the top glamour and pomp, there is no film festival like Cannes. But on star power and prestige, the Toronto International Film Festival – TIFF – is second to none. My hometown pulls out all the stops. TIFF is now widely regarded as the official kick-off to award season and many contending pictures also end up featuring prominently come Oscar.

This year looks to be no exception. With 8 weeks to go until opening night, TIFF organisers are slowly rolling out this year’s offering…and so far, the line up is kick ass.

Confirmed: Shekhar Kapur’s The Golden Age will make its world premiere at TIFF on a star-studded gala evening with Cate Blanchett reprising her role as Elizabeth vs the Spanish Armada. Also expected to show are Geoffrey Rush and some fellow called Clive Owen. Just announced: The Girl in The Park with Sigourney Weaver and Kate Bosworth. And Ryan Gosling’s indie follow-up to Half Nelson, Lars and The Real Girl will show at TIFF as well, with Ryan playing “the socially inept Lars Lindstrom who lives a nondescript life in a small, equally nondescript Midwestern town, working a generic job in an office cubicle and living a bland existence in a garage apartment and falling in love with the woman of his dreams: a made to order life size doll.”

Eric Bana’s Romulus, My Father will be presented as will Helen Hunt’s directorial debut for Then She Found Me starring Matthew Broderick and the piece of hotness known as Colin Firth.

Much quiver at TIFF…and the slate is only just rolling out.

I was on party duty at TIFF last year, and as always eTalk will be all over the festival this year. Many more exciting announcements to come. In the meantime, click here for the newest trailer for The Golden Age and here’s Cate and her usual impeccable self at the Armani Prive show and Clive at the OoTP premiere in London the other night looking pale and haggard and unpretty sexy just the way we like him.

"I too can command the wind, sir! I have a hurricane in me that will strip Spain bare if you dare to try me!"

Don"t tell me you didn"t get goosebumps and pump your fist.

And don"t even try to tell me you don"t at least tingle a little at the sight of Clive on a boat, all rascal naughty with the wind whipping his hair...easy girls and boys...

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