She comes every year … why? Kept asking myself that all day and then I remembered she had some involvement in a charity event and now I feel badly. But, um, for someone who hasn’t made a movie in a very long time and, well, really hasn’t done much, you can’t help the question…non?

Anyway, never was impressed, having now seen her in person, still not impressed. Perhaps less so actually. Among the glitterati you really have to stand out, you know? And Liz Hurley…she just doesn’t. Liz is one of those women who can make a very exciting dress not that exciting. And if she’s not wearing an exciting dress, you hardly notice.

Like last night. Arrived with Valentino. Didn’t realise it was her until she was half way up the steps. And I recall thinking to myself – oh there’s Valentino. And his model is wearing red again…just like Taupe at the Costume Institute Gala, wonder when he’s going to get tired of making red dresses… and then Dylan was like – is that Elizabeth Hurley and I was like, oh sh-t, yeah…can you grab some viz of that? And then we stopped caring. Although she worked it like mad to change our minds. I mean the girl wanted it BAD. So bad I could smell it on her, so bad I actually heard a photographer say – ok we’ve had enough, move it along…and I had to laugh at this photo: even Valentino couldn’t take any more of it. Check out his expression… kills me.