My China people have a saying, rougly translated: Husband/Wife Common Face, which means that when two people are right for each other, their respective facial fortunes reveal many similarities, and we"ll just ignore the fact that this probably originated back in the day when sister and brothers and cousins kept marrying each other. Have a look at Gwyneth and Chris - never noticed it before now but it appears that they share the same nose, together but leaving separately on Friday night at the Willis event in London. In fact, going by the entire profile, it"s almost two halves of the same whole, which could be kind of creepy in an Elizabethan, sickly heir to the throne kind of way, and yet strangely comforting all the same - to know that my Gwynnie has the superstitious blessings of my Chinese culture, it bodes well for a showbiz marriage…after all, one in every 100 has to make it, non? Photo source