Helen Mirren is The Queen. An Oscar-winning performance that swept awards season and provides some insight into what Queen Elizabeth II is really like. Did you know she can drive? And does drive? And stomps around in wellies?

The Queen DVD comes out on April 24th, I have five copies to give away.

If you’re interested, send an email to [email protected] with The Queen as the title. The only criteria: Matthew McConaughey – does he quiver your loins? Yes or Hell No will suffice. Entry must be received by Monday April 16th at 6pm PST. Winners will be selected randomly. Winners contacted by April 17th. Good luck!

The Queen Official Synopsis:
The Queen takes audiences behind the scenes of one of the most shocking public events of recent times - providing an illuminating, deeply affecting and dramatic glimpse into what happens in the corridors of power when tragedy strikes. The setting for this fictional account of real events is no less than the private chambers of the Royal Family and the British government in the wake of the sudden death of Princess Diana in August of 1997. The result is an intimate, yet thematically epic, battle between private and public, responsibility and emotion, custom and action - as a grieving nation waits to see what its leaders will do.

Special Features: 1. The Making Of The Queen 2. Audio Commentary With Director Stephen Frears And Writer Peter Morgan 3. Audio Commentary With British Historian and Royal Expert Robert Lacey, Author Of "Majesty" 4.

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