Sarah from Cinesnark alerted me to the fact that Sharlto Copley has a Facebook and one of those that are open to non Facebook people. I checked in with it today for some added content to these photos and loved his message on November 26.

SHARLTO COPLEY is having a fokkin party...

Where can we find that party? I want to go.

Sharlto is on Sarah’s Five List. It’s a great choice.

He was in London yesterday signing copies of The A-Team DVD at HMV on Oxford Street. Love that he’s game for an in-store signing. But part of me also wants him to become so big he would never have to do an in-store signing. Like, she’s not big, but you think Shelfy Biel would hit up an in-store signing? Please.

I guess the difference between people like Copley and Biel is that Copley wouldn’t allow himself to take on that air. Biel on the other hand... you know.

Am also attaching some extra shots of Sharlto at the 127 Hours premiere in LA a few weeks ago. He’s borrowing Taylor Lautner’s side lean.

As for what he’s been up to – Will Smith wanted him for Men In Black 3 so he’s working on that. Just a small insignificant movie, right?

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