This Hot Bitch reunites with That Old Man

Lainey Posted by Lainey at March 17, 2010 08:46:59 March 17, 2010 08:46:59

At the New York City Police Foundation Gala last night – Basic Instinct was reunited. Sharon Stone and Michael Douglas and, as you can see, one is holding up better than the other. Bet you he’s had more work done than she. Fair enough, he is older.

But her face... it’s f-cking marvellous, non? This Hot Bitch, I don’t care what she’s had done, whatever it is it’s keeping her a Hot Bitch. HOT. BITCH. And there are wrinkles. And she can scrunch up her face. And her lips aren’t swallowing her head. And she has expressions. And she knows. She KNOWS she’s a HOT BITCH.

PS. Where has Zeta been these days? She and her husband are in the same city but remarkably un-together publicly. Like, almost never. Are your smutty senses tingling? Mine are. Mine are very much.

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