Sharon Stone is in Paris with her son Quinn. Holiday? Sure. And a convenient photo shoot. Just to rub it into your ass how well she looks in her 50s. Like, ridiculous. And totally the opposite of over-processed. Her lips aren’t giving birth to new lips, her cheeks aren’t filled, she has lines, she isn’t trying to be 25, and in not trying to look 25, she’s looking at least 10 years, if not more, younger than she is.

I’m telling you, do not f-ck with your face without considering other options first, the non-invasive ones. Taking care of your skin would be a good start. It’s not like Sharon doesn’t have help; maybe she drinks puppy blood, eats birds’ nest every day, I wouldn’t doubt it. I’m just saying she hasn’t succumbed to LA Face, the easy solution that you can’t really undo.

What then?

Like I said a few weeks ago, look into the microderm-cold gel laser double blast. Click here if you missed that article. My skin has never been better. I wish I started earlier. Don’t believe me? Fine then. Look at Sharon Stone. There’s a lot of non-invasive treatment happening on her face. That has to be better than Madonna and Nicole Kidman, right?