Sharon Stone attended a screening in New York on Monday night for Behind the Burly Q dressed in all black with leather gloves. This Hot Bitch. Always. There are lines around her eyes. There are lines all over her face. Though there may be work (that she denies), it’s not the kind of work that sends you running to your ma. I believe that Sharon Stone is a living creature. I don’t necessarily believe this of Nicole Kidman. Or Madonna.

Sharon will make her Law & Order: SVU debut on April 28th. The first still from the episode can be seen here. And then we’ll probably get enough of her in Cannes. She’s always in Cannes. They LOVE her in Cannes. She arrives at the Palais and the Europeans, they f-cking worship This Hot Bitch.

There are also her AMFAR duties. It’s an event she almost never misses. It’ll be my 5th year seeing her in May, unless the ash cloud gets in the way. I like to compare her face every time, see how it’s evolving year after year. Will provide full update if possible.

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