No doubt she"s a crazy bitch. Loopy as all sh-t, unpredictable and prone to frequent and freakish incoherent outbursts.

But last night Sharon Stone was there for AMFAR. As she is every year. And because she was there for AMFAR, she was working it for AMFAR on her best behaviour.

The fact is, as we all know, there is no cure for AIDS. With new infections on the rise and more and more of them children, Sharon"s plea last night was impassioned and poignant.

She spent longer on that carpet than anyone else. She answered five, six, seven questions from each outlet - virtually unheard of at these events. Like George Clooney will do it but his people will cut you off after 2.

Not Sharon. Not when it"s for AMFAR.

She was articulate and informed when discussing the campaign and fun and campy about everything else. Including looking so great at half a century.

In person up close, would you believe she"s actually not flawless? In fact, to me she didn"t look surgerised at all. There were wrinkles and lines. Many of them. Her skin, as it does when we age, was dry. She did not seemed pulled or frozen. She could smile without giving herself a hernia.

And she was very, very attractive. Batsh*t crazy...but very, very attractive.

As for how she appears to be suspiciously so in the Junos I wanted my arms to look all glowy and bronzed in my dress. Like celebrities on red carpets without faking and baking or self tanning.

What they do is the bronzer powder thing. They brush it all over their arms for extra contouring too.

Only I did it and the sh*t smeared all over my coat. So I had to wipe it all down and give up the endeavour.

Sharon"s arms last night were covered in goldy bronze powder. When you see it live it"s kinda gross. Obviously in pictures it"s all super glam.

Photos from Wenn and Splash