As many of you pointed out in your Cannes emails…the reason why Cannes amfAR was so boring this year was because This Hot Bitch Sharon Stone wasn’t there. She’s there EVERY year. And they go bananas for her every year. That kind of adulation is addictive. I’ve seen her get off on it. I can’t imagine why she wouldn’t want to return for a hit of it.

Well, here’s Sharon today in Berlin. She’s on a shoot for Galderma. It was announced last month that she’s the new face of the company, apparently the first celebrity to front a campaign about aesthetic treatments. Restylane. Basically she’s saying, yeah, this is a new way of making injectibles natural looking. They were smart to pick her. Because holy sh-t she looks good.

Before you press play though, can I just present –yet again – another alternative? A non-invasive one? It’s the micro-cold gel laser double blast that I’ve been telling you about for years at W Skin Care. And there’s a new mask that I’ve been doing every Sunday night that’s been amazing for hydration. Some of you have been flying in to Toronto and Vancouver from all over for a consultation with Lorinda Zimmerman…and now you understand why. Like I’ve said before, the makeup artist for The Social spends 8 minutes on my face every day. And most of that time is on the liquid eyeliner. Just consider it before you go for the needle.