This Hot Bitch...

Lainey Posted by Lainey at March 12, 2010 09:33:54 March 12, 2010 09:33:54

Is really one of the hottest bitches ever.

Here’s Sharon Stone on the set of Law & Order SVU. Sure, despite her denials, there’s been some work. But the work is good. The work is not Madonna. Sharon has crows’ feet and lines on her face. Sharon’s lips aren’t taking over her face. There’s nothing holding up her cheeks. She’s even willing to go a little grey. And she’s still a hot bitch.

I received an offer recently for free Botox. Not going to lie – I thought about it, then declined. For now. I have colleagues who’ve tried, friends in their 20s who’ve started early, I probably need it already, but me I can’t go there. Not yet. A lot of it has to do with feng shui. Can’t really f-ck around with certain areas of the face. It’s really bad luck. And of course do we really know the long term consequences of injectibles? I’m one of those people, I can’t buy a couch without studying every couch to death. I simply haven’t put in the research yet.

Having said that, though my present personal choice has been to abstain, I have no objection to these procedures in principle. Especially when they’re performed as well as Demi Moore’s. And in moderation. To enhance features rather than to get a whole new set of features. You’ve all seen the Demi photos, and I’ve seen her in person, like right up close. If we could all be guaranteed the same results... please, I’d be all over that sh-t right away.

Most people seem to think it’s the overabusing that’s the problem. Nicole Kidman has frozen herself beyond recognition, Madonna keeps overfilling, and Heidi Montag is f-cked. But what if it’s a combination of overabusing and genetic reaction? What if some people react better to Botox than others? If they’re all rich, and they all see the same 3 dudes considered experts in the business, but Demi and Sharon turn out amazing and Madonna and Nicole Kidman come out the sh-ts, maybe it’s a natural predisposition. Or not.

I’m just saying I don’t want to open my eyes and be less Moore and more Madonna. That would suck.

Anyway, Sharon, that hot bitch, would be mad if she knew that the conversation moved away from her and onto something else, especially when she’s working so hard to have her picture taken and looks like such a hot bitch.

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