Sharon Stone and Cannes. It’s like an unofficial partnership. Every year it surprises me. That they scream louder for her there than they do for some stars who you think should be bigger. For example, they get crazier for This Hot Bitch than they do for Robert Pattinson who causes riot everywhere else. Last night at the de Grisogono party they gave her so much jewellery to wear that she needed 8 bodyguards to protect her. (Source) I’m telling you, she’s a big f-cking deal on the Croisette.

Anyway, here she is on the carpet tonight at the Palais in a short tacky dress and still, still you have to nod your head. Because This. Hot. Bitch.

Is 56.

And it just makes me sad, seeing her, looking so amazing, because I wonder, I wonder how amazing Nicole Kidman would have been if she hadn’t started f-cking around.

Tomorrow, Thursday night, is usually the Cannes AMFAR Gala where This Hot Bitch always, always makes an appearance.