Here’s Robert Sheehan aka ex-Nathan on Misfits with his mother in Dublin the other day which is my excuse to talk about Misfits now that it’s been confirmed that Lauren Socha will not be returning (because she assaulted a cab driver and yelled racist insults at him - click here for a refresher - even though show producers deny it).

Lauren’s Kelly is the emotional centre of the show. The other departures were not problems. But this...

I mean, does that mean Seth won’t be around either?


Then again, introducing 3 new Misfits at once does have its advantages. At least there’s no risk of getting stale? It’s not like Kelly was Tami Taylor, right? Once upon a time we moved to East Dillon and we met all these new students and it was awesome. If your showrunner knows what he/she’s doing, good things can happen. This is me being positive. Because in my mind, worrying about it negates my support for Lauren having to eat these consequences as a result of her behaviour. She f-cked up. This is what happens when you f-ck up.