Triple C: Coffee, cigarettes… and coke?

This is a very cranked up Shenae Grimes on the set of the new but not improved 90210 being interviewed about her current show and her old show. As you can see, she’s talking out of her veins. Need a nap just looking at her.

Worse: Shenae sounds dumb. And believe it or not, Shenae is actually NOT dumb.



Of course Shenae insists she’s a perfectly healthy young star and that she does indeed eat – one grape an hour?

Also attached - Shenae last week looking like hell at the Vanity Fair portrait event but not as hell as Taylor Momsen who appears to be, at present, out-thinning them all. Wonder if this is sitting foul with Shenae and that other non-eater from her show. Time to step up the starve-off.

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