Thank you for all of your emails re: Shenae Grimes at the Gemini Awards, all of you with remarks similar to the following:

From Thomas T: Did you happen to see Shenae Grimes appearance at the Geminis? The poor girl definitely appeared to be more wired than a renovation done by Mike Holmes. She was practically vibrating. Sad...Do you think Miriam MacDonald and Cassie Steele have created a drinking game to deal with Shenea's new fame?

From Jocelyn P: holy god! how high was ms. grimes at the geminis this weekend?? the girl could barely stop wiggling about, and she was displaying classic high-as-a-kite mouth gymnastics! hideous. no wonder she lost the weight so fast....

I have no idea if Shenae was cranked. I do know however without a shadow of a doubt that she mainlines coffee and cigarettes, a habit that comes with 2 benefits: energy explosion and appetite suppressant.

This is Shenae “I don’t have an eating disorder” Grimes on the carpet, treated that evening like the biggest star of the night, like somehow she’s been validated in LA. Even though 90210 is absolutely UNwatchable. Trust me, I have tried. And if I can’t watch a high school, California drama, you know that sh-t is entirely unbearable.

Which is a shame. Because Shenae can actually act. She deserves better. She’s annoying as f-ck but she deserves better.

How annoying as f-ck? Watch the video below. Try to remember she’s only 19. And how annoying we all were when we were 19. Throw in the fact that she’s a celebrity and its magnified exponentially…

You know?

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