Posing with food means you’re actually eating the food…right?

This is Shenae Grimes on the set of 90210 yesterday after a visit to craft services yesterday. Conveniently the paps happened to be there too…

As you know, the stars of the show have been at the centre of a raging thin controversy the last couple of weeks, with both Shenae and Jessica Stroup landing on the cover of Us Weekly being accused of encouraging bad body examples.

The result?

Shenae and Jessica are now more famous than ever!

Shenae’s response to the criticism?

"Shake it off baby!"

And why not?

Not eating has rewarded her. By not eating, she landed a high profile magazine cover – doesn’t matter if the story wasn’t positive. It was a story, period. People know her name. She was featured on every entertainment news show.

So why start eating now? When not eating has paid off so handsomely?

No doubt… soon as she was out of photo range, that little food container got dumped. And she went back to mainlining coffee and cigarettes. Trust.

Photos from Flynetonline.com