The BBC’s Sherlock had a panel yesterday at Comic-Con that remained dry and panty-butter free as Benedict Cumberbatch, preparing to play Hamlet on the West End, was not on hand. But they did do a message video for the crowd, featuring The Batch, show co-creator (and the Superior Mycroft) Mark Gatiss, and Andrew Scott, who played (plays?) Moriarty. It’s cute, all of them comparing the gigs that are keeping them away from San Diego—I love Scott’s reaction to Cumberbatch saying he’s going to play Hamlet. And then Cumberbatch shows up on screen and I’m super into his short hair and the lighting, which is Doing Things for his eyes.

It’s already been eighteen months since series three and series four hasn’t begun filming yet, so the wait will be even longer still—series four isn’t due till late 2016, according to information dropped in yesterday’s panel. But we’re not left completely out in the cold, as Sherlock filmed a Christmas special earlier this year, the first look at Comic-Con. It’s a one-off story, unconnected to the rest of the series, and it’s set in old Victorian times. You know what this means—super fancy English Sherlock! The Batch in a caped greatcoat! The deerstalker hat and pipe! Cutting Victorian barbs! And once again, Watson has a comedy mustache. The wait for new Sherlock is always so long, but it’s also always worth it.