Shameless self promotion for a good cause… click away if you don’t care.

Mendocino is celebrating its 20th anniversary and to commemorate the occasion the retailer has launched a limited edition t-shirt series in stores now featuring 10 Canadian female personalities photographed by celebrity photographer Dustin Rabin to support The Jocelyn Foundation, created in memory of Canadian Jocelyn Juriansz, raising awareness and promoting constructive and open dialogue concerning violence against women through education, support and fundraising initiatives.

The front of the t-shirt showcases a silhouette photo of the personality, taken by top Canadian photographer Dustin Rabin. The tagline—‘she’s someone you know’—on the back of the t-shirt delivers the important message that violence against women is pervasive.

The list of 10 Canadian women includes the adorable Lauren Collins from Degrassi, Sitara Hewitt from Little Mosque on the Prairie, eTalk’s Tanya Kim, Lisa Tant, editor in chief of Flare Magazine…and me. It’s a huge honour to participate. If you are so inclined, we’d be grateful to have your support.

Here’s Lauren’s portrait hanging at the Flagship store on Bloor Street.

PS. Mendocino is one of the few Canadian shoppes that carries a large smattering of Development - some of the cutest cutest dresses on the market. See for yourself.