Shia LaBeouf is now in New York to work on Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps.

I mean really…has Oliver Stone run out of juice? Because that can’t be the best title. That canNOT be the best title he could come up with.

Anyway, Shia’s co-star in the film, aside from Michael Douglas of course, is Carey Mulligan, who plays his fiancee and also Gordon Gecko’s daughter. She may not be a household name right now but she has been one of the most talked about up and coming actresses this year, already seen opposite Depp & Co in Public Enemies and earning breathless praise for her performance in the upcoming An Education in limited release on October 9th.

She is so impressive in this film some are already predicting she will receive a nomination for Best Actress. A formidable new talent.

Lindsay Lohan, you have no f-cking chance.

Have been waiting to see An Education since I first watched the trailer.

LOVE Peter Sarsgaard. And Emma Thompson. And of course Nick Hornby.

I often wish my mother’s English was more proficient. So that we could enjoy movies like this together and she could understand without interrupting every 30 seconds for a translation.

Already they are suggesting that Shia and Carey are dating. If true… amazing. But probably a little premature.

Here they are together yesterday having some lunch then catching a cab.

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