Shia LaBeouf attended a party the other night in Hollywood with his girlfriend. He was seated with Marilyn Manson. Life & Style says he got drunk and started spraying people with water from his mouth. Then he stalked off in a rage, followed by his whimpering date. Page Six also reports that Shia was belligerent with one of Manson’s friends. There was some shoving before he was escorted out with his hands behind his head. Which his publicist denies. Their version of the story is that Shia attended the event and chose to leave early and that there was no drama. With Shia around? I am always inclined to believe there’s drama. But at least he wasn’t trying to punch his way onto a party bus. Which is where we find Matthew Fox.

Matthew is shooting a movie in Cleveland. On Saturday night he tried to board a party bus without. The bus driver, Heather, wouldn’t let him on. According to Heather, Matthew was too drunk to process the fact that she wasn’t letting him on the party bus because he wasn’t invited.

How amazing is this story so far???

Anyway, when denied entry, Matthew allegedly started getting violent with Heather in her chest and crotch area so she put her fist in his face and split his lip. TMZ has a photo of Heather which you can see here. The cops were called and a friend came to get Matthew later and put him in a cab and sent him home.

A party bus in Cleveland? What am I missing in my life???

There has always been a surly streak to Matthew Fox, don’t you think? Always. Remember when he was accused of cheating on his wife. Not that the two events have to be related...

It’s just, what if Matthew Fox is a bad drunk and not a very nice guy?

You know who isn’t a bad drunk and is a very nice guy?

Jon Hamm.

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