Shia LaBeouf attended a performance of Cabaret in New York last night. He was smoking in the theatre. Also being aggressive with other patrons. To the point where they had to call the cops who cuffed him and took him to the police station. Where he allegedly verbally abused them (“I’ll f-ck you up!”) and spat at them so they ended up muzzling him.

As many others have mentioned, this all happened just as the latest installment of the Transformers franchise is opening…

Coincidence or conspiracy?

Rumour has it, while police were talking to him outside the theatre, he was crying. Page Six claims that as they were booking him at the station he used a homophobic slur. This can’t be a surprise. LaBeouf’s erratic behaviour has been escalating steadily for over a year. He’s DARK.

And I’m going to pound on this again – he was a child star. LaBeouf has been working for a long, long time. He was supporting his family. Fame is corrosive for even the most well-adjusted. Compounding fame with deeper issues that remain unaddressed can result in devastating consequences. We’ve seen it happen over and over and over again.

“I’m not famous anymore” is what Shia LaBeouf wrote on a paper bag before putting it over his head. If he’s not famous, what else is he?